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mod right hurr

Okay, since I'm the new Mod here I'd just like to report that I've now fixed up the layout and the userinfo!
That is all.

By the way, let's start up some conversation here..hmm?
Besides Leah, what other 4 contestants would you pick for your top five?

I say Jon-Peter Lewis, Camile Velasco, George Huff and Jennifer Hudson.

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Mine would definatly be:

Jon Peter Lewis, Diana DeGarmo, Latoya London and George Huff
by the way.. i love the picture on the user info picture on the far right, its really pretty, and i really love her hair long and straight like that.. where did you get it from?
I got all the pics from my FAVE Leah LaBelle website.

Forever LaBelle
ooh thanks, the only one i had known about was Generation LaBelle