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Updates on Leah LaBelle!


* Performed National Anthem and Half-time (with Matthew Rogers) for the Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys game on December 6th.

* Performed for Christmas In the Northeast on December 9th.

* Sung at Winterfest in the Seattle Center on December 17th.

* Sang for the Rotary Club on December 1st.

* Sang on Lisa Leuschner's Christmas Album "Celebrate Me Home"

* Will be on Lisa Leuschner's other album. Coming soon!

Leah sent the LaFANS an email thanking all of us for the Christmas gift!

I just want to thank you sooo much for my christmas gift. Thank you to the fans soooo much! It is amazing how much love you guys have for me. I don’t know how to deal with it!! LOL! It's so wonderful. I love you guys and I am very grateful. I love it all. Very thoughtful. Much love always and I hope your holidays were great and I hope the new year brings you all much success and joy!


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